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Historic Circle Tour:

As you leave Interstate 80 and head west, you will be traveling along the Oregon Trail beside the Platte River, the same path followed by the pioneers heading west in their covered wagons.
  1. Plum Creek Massacre: On August 8, 1864, a wagon train of 12 wagons was attacked by about l00 Oglala Sioux Indians led by Chief Red Cloud and Chief Big Bear. All of the men among the settlers were killed. One pioneer woman and a boy were captured and held captive for six months. At the Plum Creek Massacre Site you will see a memorial to the tragedy. A complete account and display of telegrams and letters may be seen in the Phelps County Museum in Holdrege.

  2. Sandhill Cranes: In March and April, view some of the 500,000 Sandhill Cranes that pause to feed on their annual trek from Mexico to Canada, Alaska and Siberia in what some experts call the most impressive wildlife spectacle in the world. Ancient birds, the Cranes have been repeating this annual migration for eons. These cranes can be easily seen feeding in farmers' fields along the river ten miles north of Bertrand. On the right day, you might catch a glimpse of the rare Whooping Crane as well.

  3. Cattle: Cattle are penned and fed annually at Phelps County Feeders, Paul Johnson & Sons Feedlot, Dahlgren Cattle Company and South Central Feeders.

  4. Village of Bertrand: Plan to stop and have lunch at one of the two friendly restaurants in Bertrand. You can also get supplies at the grocery and convenience stores for a relaxing picnic in the city park.

  5. Urbana Cemetery: This turn-of-the-century cemetery is all that remains of the Urbana Church and Cemetery. The land was donated by Perry Lewis, and his burial in 1942 marks the last grave dug in this cemetery.

  6. Fort Kearny, Tracyville & Arapahoe Trails: A sign marks the spot where the Fort Kearny, Tracyville, and Arapahoe trails crossed. These trails were used from 1871 to 1885.

  7. Zion Lutheran Cemetery: This landmark cemetery was started by German descendents and surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. It is located in the wild beauty of a canyon area.

  8. U.S. Wildlife Preserve: Located 2 1/2 miles south of Bertrand. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Nebraskan wildlife. Hunting is permitted in season with permits.

  9. Windmill Collection: Harlan Lilyhorn collects and restores old windmills. Visitors are welcome to stop by and see the many windmills in his collection. It is a look back into the history of the area when the inhabitants depended on the wind for their water supply.

  10. Amish Cemetery: A group of Amish settlers was led by Bishop Yost H. Yoder to Gosper County in 1880. They returned to their native Pennsylvania in 1903 after Yoder's death leaving behind a small cemetery marked with simple red rock and marble. This cemetery is maintained by a local church youth group.

  11. Highland Cemetery: Andrew J. Widick, Civil War hero, is buried in Highland Cemetery. Widick was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for "action above and beyond the call of duty" in the battle of Vicksburg. There is also an unusual tree-shaped tombstone in this cemetery.


Hunting - Pheasant, quail, deer, duck and geese
Fishing, boating and camping are available at nearby recreation areas:
Family Recreation

Senior Activities:

The Bertrand Senior Center has noon meals on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Various activities are planned, including bingo, pool, card playing, and entertainment. Hand quilting by the Seniors is available. Blood pressure checks and exercise sessions are also available.

Youth Activities:

There are many activities available to the youth in Bertrand during the summer months. Swimming is a very popular recreation during the hot days of summer, and lessons are also available. Other popular spots are the tennis and basketball courts, sand volleyball area, and the new playground structure on the school playground. For kids that like to play ball, Bertrand offers a good summer program.

Local Celebrations:

Bertrand Area Chamber of Commerce
Annual Fishing Tournaments: These events are held in early June, with a good time had by all. For more information call Dan McCracken at 308-472-3411.  Event held on June 7th in 2014
Fourth of July: To be held July 4th at the Football Field.
Annual Bertrand Days: 2016 - 67th Annual "Bertrand Days" will be held June 25th through June 28th.  The celebration includes horse shows, livestock judging, and parade on Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm, activities in the park, Community Worship service, Alumni Banquet, and Walk Down Medina after the parade.
Annual Craft Show: Held in late October or early November, this large craft show has exhibitors from all over a three-state region. The 2016 show is Saturday, October 15th. Contact Janice Gengenbach at 308-472-5092 for more information.
Annual Community Garage Sale: Sale held last Saturday in July, which is July 30th. Contact Carol Johnston or Roxanne Winheim at 308-472-3455 for more information.
Annual Bertrand Chamber Golf Tournament held in August.
Fire Department Golf Tournament- July 14th & 15th
Santa's Day- December 12th
Christmas Tree Walk & Soup Supper- In December.  Contact:  Bev Hansen - 308-472-5350
Bertrand Lion's Club Reindeer Run- 5K Fun Run/Walk, Saturday December 12, 2015. 1:00 pm Bertrand Fire Hall

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